A little About Us

Our Story

Our founder, Shawn, spent his formative years in his stepfather’s Antwerp-based watch shop. This sparked his love of horology and set off his obsession with all things ‘tick-tock’. At university in London many of his classmates asked for his advice when buying their first serious timepieces. Having realized his horological passion and drawing from experiences in expanding his own personal collection, Shawn was able to offer detailed and strategic guidance; this differentiated him from a regular ‘dealer’. Through word of mouth, his client base rapidly expanded across many continents.

Understanding a bridge between the seller and buyer existed, a more holistic and personalized approach is what Shawn sought to offer. The Watch4Moi online platform was born as a result, facilitating the process and assisting his clientele in strategically curating the best pieces to enhance their collections. From first-time buyers to aficionados, Shawn has sold exceptional and unique watches worldwide; all this in line with his belief that there is nothing more fulfilling than pairing the right watch to the right wrist.

This relationship our online platform delivers is an experience of convenience paired with transparency, and being guided every step of the way. Our team prides itself on selling watches in an honest manner without cutting corners, each watch sold by us will be accompanied with a condition report as well as a one year warranty. 

About Us