A Preview of Ineichen Auctioneers

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Zurich-based auctioneers, Ineichen, recently announced their upcoming auction spread across two days starting from the 20th of November. In light of the record-breaking auction season in Geneva earlier this week we expect Ineichen Auctioneers to do equally well. In order to prevent a marathon auction, the revered auction house decided to split the main auction into two parts. The order of sequence is the following, on the 20th of November 2021, at 13:00, Ineichen will start Auction no. 175 / part 1, shortly after the Alchemy of Gold auction will commence at 15:30. The following day, Ineichen aims to kick off the day with the rest of Auction no. 175 / part 2, followed by, Shades of Grey at 15:30. In total, the auction house aims to sell 227 lots across all four auctions. The curation of the overall sale is of high quality and rather impressive, the dedicated Alchemy of Gold and Shades of Grey Auctions house some of the most incredible independent watchmakers on offer.  

Two extremely rare and important contemporary watches made by Vianney Halter.

Auction no. 175 / Part 1 – pays tribute to Ineichen’s origins a mix of clocks and pocket watches make up the first 28 lots. Lot 3 is an interesting unsigned flip clock for those that are fascinated by jumping hours, minutes, and seconds this clock has it all.

Alchemy of Gold (12 lots) – this part of the auction is solely dedicated to incredibly rare gold watches made. Despite only having 12 lots, the variety within the 12 lots is rather remarkable. For instance, you have a well-preserved Audemars Piguet – Perpetual Calendar ref. 25554BA (lot 8) at the same time you have a minute repeater made by independent watchmaker Andersen Geneve (lot 2). The highlight of this part of the auction would undoubtedly be the Vianney Halter – Antiqua (lot 11) with a modest estimate of CHF 50’000-100’000. Originally introduced in 1998, the Antiqua took the world by storm and still does, the fusion of a timeless iconic steampunk design code was mastered by both Barnes and Vianney. The movement is based on the Lemania 8810 although Vianny reworked most components for this particular reference. For more information on the story behind Vianney Halter, we would encourage you to read this. 

The Antiqua represents one of Vianney’s most impressive pieces made to date.

Auction no. 175 / Part 2 – is a culmination wristwatches. The early Debethune’s are bound to do well due to the recent surge in demand for the brand. Lots 194-198 are dedicated to Russian Maverick Watchmaker, Konstantin Chaykin. Lot 198, should not go unnoticed, it would appear this is the first time the Konstantin Chaykin MK3 Fighter Ruthenium Piece Unique has been made available. The remarkable reference is capable of delivering Mars Central Time (MCT) if we become multi-planetary species this watch may prove to be all the more important. 

Shades of Grey  

On the F. P. Journe front, Ineichen has not disappointed after its successful sale of the Pisa Editions. This upcoming auction includes the Ruthenium Tourbillon and Résonance limited to 99 examples for each reference.

A Résonance and Tourbillon form part of the Ruthenium Series limited to 99 examples.
Petrol-like dial, due to the oxidation of the Ruthenium.

Another interesting example is the Chronometré Souverain – De Boulle made in 10 examples. Ineichen, also managed, to pair a Vagabondage 1 and Vagabondage 2, making this one of the rare opportunities available to complete or start the set. This marks the first time a Vagabondage 1 has appeared for sale publicly in over 3 years, for more information on the history of the Vagabondage series we would encourage you to read this. 

The Vagabondage Series 2 (left) and Series 1 (right).

Another worthy mention would be the white gold Vianney Halter originally sold by Ginotti in Antwerp circa 1999. 


For more information, we would encourage you to head over to https://ineichen.com.